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5+ Contoh Memo Dalam Bahasa Inggris Tentang Perusahaan

Contoh Memo Dalam Bahasa Inggris Tentang Perusahaan

Contoh Memo Dalam Bahasa Inggris Tentang Perusahaan – Selamat pagi sahabat setia Woroanyar yang berbahagia. Pada kesempatan ini Saya kembali akan memberikan contoh surat terbaru untuk anda. Sebelumnya Saya sudah memposting contoh memo dalam bahasa inggris lengkap dengan artinya.

Sedangkan kali ini Saya akan bagikan contoh memo dalam bahasa inggris tentang perusahaan yang baik dan benar. Jadi bagi Anda yang sedang membutuhkan referensi dalam membuat memo ini, tetaplah di halaman ini dan simak terus tulisan ini sampai selesai.

Contoh Memo Dalam Bahasa Inggris Tentang Perusahaan

Sebagaimana yang sudah admin jelaskan sebelumnya bahwa memo ialah sebuah tulisan ringkas yang isinya padat dan jelas yang ditujukan kepada orang lain, baik bersifat resmi atau tidak resmi. Pada umumnya memo berisi hingga 10 baris saja.

Walaupun dalam bahasa inggris, untuk memo tentang perusahaan ini bisa dikatakan sama dengan memo resmi, jadi kalian harus benar dalam penulisan dan struktur memonya.

Kerangka Umum Dalam Memo

Adapun kerangka memo secara umum meliputi :

  1. Kepala Memo yang terdiri dari lambang atau logo instansi, nama instansi, alamat instansi.
  2. Badan Memo terdiri dari isi pesan (singkat, padat, jelas, kalimat perintah, informasi atau berupa laporan dan lain-lain.
  3. Kaki Memo terdiri dari tanda tangan dan nama jelas si pembuat/penulis memo.

Cara Membuat Memo Dalam Bahasa Inggris Tentang Perusahaan

  • Tulislah isi memo yang ingin disampaikan, boleh diketik dan boleh ditulis tangan tergantung kebijakan instansi.
  • Buatlah isi memo WAJIB singkat, jelas dan padat dan tidak menimbulkan makna ganda bagi si penerima memo.
  • Bubuhi tanda tangan memo serahkan ke orang yang dituju atau ditinggalkan di tempat khusus yang sudah ditentukan.

Dari penjelasan di atas, Saya yakin anda sudah mempunyai bagaimana format memo yang baik dan benar. Namun agar lebih jelas lagi, mari langsung saja kita perhatikan sama-sama beberapa contoh memo dalam bahasa inggris tentang perusahaan yang sudah admin siapkan di bawah ini.

Contoh Memo Dalam bahasa Inggris untuk Perusahaan

To : Pauline Cushion, Finance Manager

From : Hal Burton, Head of Human Resources 

Date : October 18, 2071 

Subject : Approval Request: Additional Expenditure FunSun Aqua Park 

In relation to the HR team building day that took place on Friday 18 October at FunSun Aqua Park, I would like to request approval for additional expenditure that occurred during the event. 

Beforehand, i had a remaining team social budget of $923.47. As it was also Gemma Renfrew’s last day on Friday, i extended a last-minute invitation to her replacement, Mark Carey, to facilitate a harmonious hand-over and welcome him to the team. This resulted in additional expenditure of $48.91 (entry ticket, lunch, transportation, snacks). The total cost of the team event was $975.51, which is beyond my authorized budget. 

Before submitting my expense claim, iwould like to request approval for this additional expenditure. I  attach a breakdown of the expenses to this memo for your review and approval. I will then submit my expense claim form as per the usual procedure.

Contoh Memo Dalam bahasa Inggris tentang Perusahaan Website

Contoh Memo Dalam bahasa Inggris tentang Perusahaan Website

TO: All Staff
FROM: Jemina Servus, CEO
DATE: February 6, 2021
SUBJECT: Launch of our New Website 

I am delighted to announce the launch of our new-and-improved website! Tangerine Consulting's new website went live this morning. Following our merger last fall with Thinkalicious, the Marketing Department worked closely with Snazzy Media to create a rebranded website that would not only be attractive and user-friendly, but also incorporate functionality that was previously only accessible by visiting the separate Tangerine and Thinkalicious websites. New and improved features include: 
  • Complete rebrand to our new logo and brand color palette.
  • Improved navigation and structure to enhance the user experience.
  • Fresh content and images to boost SEO, visibility, and relevance.
  • Optimized client portal 
  • Mobile-friendly design 
  • Increased load speed 
Thinkalicious.com will automatically redirect to the new site with immediate effect. Clients will receive an email today with the announcement, but | would be grateful if you could also mention the new site verbally to any clients who came to us via Thinkalicious. 

Congratulations to our Marketing colleagues for doing such an extraordinary job!

Contoh Memo Dalam bahasa Inggris tentang Pensiun dari Perusahaan

Contoh Memo Dalam bahasa Inggris tentang Pensiun dari Perusahaan
TO: IT Department 

FROM: Harry Applebaum, Director of IT Services DATE: July 21, 2021 

SUBJECT: MoMo’s Leaving Do 

As you all would have heard through the grapevine by now, Malcolm Mowridge is taking early retirement at the ripe old age of 56. 

It’s hard to believe MoMo’s been a fixture of our help desk team since before smartphones were invented, but there you have it. He's been an incredible colleague and one of the best technicians on our team for all these years. It’s an understatement to say that he'll be sorely missed by all. 

To celebrate MoMo’s Hawaiian roots and terrible taste in cocktails, we're hosting an informal retirement party at the Aloha Bar on Friday. Please let Maria know in advance if you’re able to come so we can reserve enough seats. Partners are more than welcome. 

See you and your funky Hawaiian shirts on Friday! 

Contoh Memo Dalam bahasa Inggris tentang Marketing Perusahaan

Memo Agency Presentation

To : Hannah Merit (CEO), Emma Bartholomew (Head of IT), Sarah Metz (Client Services Director), Shawn Delacroix (Business Development Director)
From: LaToya Wilcox, Head of Marketing
Date : August 30, 2021
Subject : Snappy Media Presentation

Following our most recent client survey, 49% of current clients and 73% of former clients highlighted the relatively slow loading time of the client portal on our website, as well as occasional issues with accessing the portal via mobile devices. The Marketing Department has been tasked with sourcing external experts to urgently resolve these issues.

After assessing proposals and screening 4 potential partners, we have narrowed it down to Snappy Media and Bolton & Partners Consulting based on how closely they met the criteria.

Snappy Media has been invited to present first. The presentation will be at Tlam on Thursday September 2 in the first floor conference room. The format will be a presentation followed by Q&As. | invite you to attend on behalf of your departments and to prepare function-specific questions so that Snappy Media can address these on the day.

If you can’t join us in person, the presentation will be streamed live via this link: http:/Seamlessstream//BO94Al/

Thank you very much for your participation.

Contoh Memo Dalam bahasa Inggris tentang Meeting Bulanan Perusahaan 


TO: Management Team
FROM: Jane Adams
DATE: March 3, 2021
SUBJECT: Change of Location Monthly Management Meeting

This month’s management meeting on Friday at 2pm will now be held on the 2nd floor in the Dublin Conference Room, instead of the Milano Conference Room.

This is to enable sufficient room for executive leadership to attend this month’s meeting in order to discuss the Board’s proposal to list Hambly Consulting on the stock exchange.

Rebekah Wallace will forward a copy of the Board’s proposal to the management team the day before the meeting, so that each attendee may familiarize themselves in advance with its contents.

As this is a crucial exploratory meeting that will affect the future direction of our company, I strongly request that every member of the management team attends the meeting.

Contoh Memo dalam Bahasa Inggris tentang Membawa Hewan ke Perusahaan

Memo Bring Your Pet to Work

To: Betty Steinburger
FROM: Jane Adams DA E: March 3, 2021
SUBJEC : Bring Your Dog to Work Initiative 

I would like to discuss the possibility of introducing a ‘bring your dog to work’ day or even allowing dogs to accompany employees to work ona regular basis. 

Dogs at work initiatives are becoming increasingly popular with companies all over the country. From studies and surveys conducted on this topic, there are strong indications that enabling people to bring pets to work increases morale, boosts productivity, facilitates stronger bonds between staff, and contributes to longer-term employee retention.
Minimal expenditure is needed to facilitate this scheme. ] regularly see the HR Manager of our close competitor, Sol Enterprises, at Chamber of Commerce events. He informed me that Sol purchased 20 water bowls of varying sizes, as well as natural treats that are kept in kitchen areas. he total cost in the first year was around $450, which was paid for from the employee social fund. I believe a similar scheme would be just as easy to implement and equally beneficial to our company. Could this topic be added to the next monthly management meeting agenda?
Demikian artikel mengenai Contoh Memo Dalam Bahasa Inggris Tentang Perusahaan dari Woroanyar. Semoga bermanfaat dan menjadi solusi bagi Anda yang ingin membuat memo perusahaan dalam bahasa inggris. Terimakasih.
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